Excuse the mess!..(lol)

Trust me, we have seen the best and the worst.  The funny part is that the cleanest homes are always making excuses for probably the smallest thing that’s out of order.  Sometimes I go into homes and they’re like “excuse the mess”… And I’m thinking…if this is what you call a mess, I’m glad you dont have to come to my home…  That’s where the real mess is!  As the saying goes….”the painter’s house is never painted!”  But in contrast, homes that are less tidy are usually never worried about our thoughts. They just want their carpets cleaned and for us to get on.  Please believe that when we walk into a house that is on the less tidy side, we are thinking in our heads “this is a mess!  Lmao!!!  (Just figured we’d share that since we know many of you were wondering).  But on a serious note…after that first observation, we just want to beautify the carpet as best we can.  But we do ask that you at least vacuum before we get there. It makes our job a lot easier, quicker and we can ultimately do a better job for you.